Welcome to our (new) quarterly issue of ‘A  La Carte’ – a smorgasbord of diverse articles which might just be worth reading! Have a look…and if you have anything to recommend, do let met know (via the contact details below).

Read about the oldest Library in history, that of King Ashurbanipal in the 7th century BC.

Explore the beautiful shelves of Stockholm Public Library with this visitor…

Listen to a podcast by Librarians with Lives with special guest Kate Faulkner – Legal Librarian & Travel-Library Blogger! Her most recent visit? – to Wembley Library.

Read about a ‘catalogue of shipwrecked books’ which covers the story of Columbus’ illegimate son, as he tries to build his father’s reputation in the historical imagination.

What do you think of this list of ‘most disappointing books’ read in 2018? 

An expose on what it’s really like to be a Librarian.

Some advice (and complaints) about navigating the stormy seas to search for library and information jobs.

The journey into leadership of this ‘accidental’ Library Director.

Why diversity is important in the tech sector

A ‘stuffed animal sleepover’ in the Library.

A librarian’s life (in three parts).

Some tips on ‘career management’ which may help deal with those winter blues.

Some light-hearted librarian humour.

This librarian shares her experience in academic vs health libraries.

Which are preferable – print books or ebook? This blog post presents 7 reasons why the former might be superior.

Do you feel bombarded by technology? Read this post on how to practice mindfulness.

A creative way to engage readers: Reading Flip Guides

Does boolean still matter? And more thoughts on evolving librarian literacy-skills.


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